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Welcome Letter from Principal Lahey

Welcome Letter from Principal Lahey

Dear Sargent Families,

I write to welcome you to a new school year filled with endless possibilities for your children in every aspect of their learning!

I have shared my cornerstones for leading this amazing school with many of you before. They remain truer today than when I began eight years ago. Namely, “all that I do must be student-focused and I cannot do this job alone.” I wholeheartedly believe in our school community. This past year has reconfirmed my resolve about the importance of relationships. It is inspiring to see all forms of important relationships being nurtured here. Be it student to student, teacher to student, teacher to parent, and a staff who care deeply for one another ~ it is the secret sauce of a safe and kind community of learners. And I like to throw myself in the mix of all of the above! Relationships form community, and when there is a vibrant, caring community, the cornerstones I mention are easily met. Students are at the center of our work and the conviction we share in working together for the good of our children is the winning formula to cultivate the unlimited potential in every child. It’s about relationships. I want you to know, I am grateful for the gift of the many valuable relationships I have with your children, our extraordinary teachers/staff, and with each of you.

We will welcome your children on Wednesday, September 1st. Our incoming 1st graders will soon learn our school motto: ‘Be safe and be kind.’ As you know we will all be wearing masks inside our building. Among the many safety protocols in place we will be adhering to limiting visitors inside our school building. We will have a table outside the main doors of our school for anyone to deliver or drop off items and use the intercom as needed to convey information. Mrs. Kramer is remarkable in communicating with parents and staff in caring for your children. Her value to our school is immeasurable. Thank you in advance for helping to keep our school safe by following these guidelines.

We will have mask breaks throughout the day. Students will have snack for 15 minutes without their masks and will also eat lunch inside without their masks in assigned seats. We will continue to use our tents outside and plan to eat lunch outside as the weather permits. Next week, we will begin eating in the cafeteria for students to feel comfortable and to familiarize them with the what-where and whens of our lunch routines. I am grateful for the caring and committed lunch attendants who will provide supervision but most importantly, kind assurance to all students during lunch and recess. It is a fun part of the day to socialize and make new friends! Our teachers have added a bright shine to their classrooms through their thoughtful hard work. Their focus is in creating a welcoming, vibrant classroom. Students’ names are brightly attached to desks and other places in the room to make students feel they are important and that they belong. I am delighted to to introduce four new classroom teachers to Sargent. Ms. Leann Kent will be replacing the newly retired Mrs. Bresnahan in first grade. Ms. Marrissa Herrera will be taking over for the year for Mrs. Coleman who will be our reading interventionist in first and second grade. Ms. Taylor Landers will be teaching 3rd grade replacing the newly retired Mrs. Frackelton. Ms. Fiske will be replacing the newly retired Mrs. O’Leary in 5th grade. Each of these fine educators have been chosen from a very competitive pool of candidates and quickly separated themselves with their high qualifications and passion for teaching and learning. Please join me in congratulating and welcoming them as valued team members!

Thank you to our PTO for assisting me with a wide array of support to open school; each member of our PTO is incredibly valuable to our vibrant school community. I hope you will consider joining this important team.

We have been busy this summer to be sure your children will be safe and ready to learn. Our top-notch custodial staff worked hard all summer to ensure that classrooms were cleaned to look new for a fun learning environment. We are gratefull to Pat Queenan, Sam Clough and Milton Morel. They have done this during some very hot/humid days, while also supporting North Andover’s Summer Fun program at Sargent and a large summer school/tutoring program. Way to go gentlemen, you are simply the best ~ on behalf of our school community, “Thank you!”

Our school community is fueled on positive energy! Our staff is energized and alive with the anticipation of a wondrously fun, engaging year of learning! Every member of our school team of educators will have laser focus in seeing that your child will feel safe, accepted, and will be a valued friend. We recognize that we must respect and appreciate our similarities and differences in order to grow and flourish as a community.

Here’s to a remarkable year of working together in continuing to build positive relationships. I know this caring community will unleash our students’ curiosity for learning in fun and creative ways and will let them know they belong and are valued for who they are. And, as always, ‘Be Safe and Be Kind.’

Gratefully yours,

Karen Lahey, Principal